Advertise the world!

With Pike we open up the Augmented reality world for ad publishers with a platform to create campaigns. For app developers we provide integrations to monetize their apps by showing augmented ads from publishers.

For Publishers

  • Easy to integrate

    With our SDK you integrate with our advertising network in 5 minutes.

  • Earn money

    Monetize you app in a non-disturbing way.

  • The Best UX

    Because users don't like Advertising, we integrated it in a augmented UX.

For Advertisers

Advertise the world.
Don't think banners, think in buildings!

  • 5.120 Application Publishers
  • 2.048.003 Views a day
  • 4.510.000.000 km² Advertising space

Our approach is unique because our platform spans accross multiple apps, they stay within their own ecossystem. Compared to location based ads currently available in mobile apps, we provide more relevant and less annoying ads to the end user, since they're smoothly integrated in the environment and users are really looking at a specific location

The platform to configure ads and show them on specific building on a specific location. Coming soon we'll also add user segmentation & advanced monitoring of campaigns.


Signup for our beta

We're working hard to enable the first publishers/advertisiers on our platform.
We're launching on sept 5th in Hasselt, Belgium on our launch event.